Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She Rolls!

So one night right after Reese turned 4 months old, I looked at our video monitor before heading to bed and there she was all swaddled in her Woombie...face down! It freaked me out, so we ran upstairs to turn her over and she rolled back again, and again and again. We had to take her out of her Woombie, since it binds her arms and couldnt let her sleep like that. She began sleeping on her belly that night and has ever since then (today is about 17 days later). It was very scary for me when she would bury her face in her bed, but now that she was able to roll, we knew we could let her do it. She only sleeps on her belly now and will not ever sleep on her back. Hopefully at some point she will.

Her bedtime used to vary between 7 and 9pm, but to keep her on a schedule, Ty has made her bedtime 8pm, which is very nice. I try to go to bed at the late hour of 10pm, so we have a couple hrs to ourselves to hang out and watch tv before I hit the sack. She was waking up about 6:30/6:45ish pretty regularly but now some mornings it's 5:30. I try to put her back to bed those days, but she's usually back up around 7am.

Now Reese rolls over and over and over on the ground and loves it. She likes being on her belly now too and can really hold her head up high. She only rolls to one side typically, so once she gets to the end of the room we have to move her back to where she started so she can do it again.

Check out this footage:

No more leaving her alone on the floor unattended!!