Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 Months Old - Starting to Walk

We took our 3rd H-burg trip for an early Thanksgiving.

Her 9 month Dr Stats were:
Weight: 20.81 lbs (82%)
Height: 29.75" (97%)
Height Circum 17.72" (78%)
BMI 16.53

Oct 20- New top 1st tooth
Oct 25- Took 2 steps on her own!!
Oct 26th - 2nd top tooth, she now walks across the room with the piano as a walker
Oct 27th - 4th tooth popped through, now she walks with blue car convertible walker! She loves it!

She also had a lot of stranger anxiety and most times Im the only one that can settle her down.

Little over 9 months she started to sleep 11 hours at night again. There was a 5-6 week stretch were she was up once a night. Probably from teething.

When you tell her to kiss a book or herself in the mirror she can, on command.

She also knows to turn book pages and lift the flaps.

On November 7th - almost 2 weeks before she turned 10 months old - she began walking from person to person taking 10+ steps at a time!! Big feat!!!

Nov. 11 - My mom taught her "So Big" - We love to ask "How big is Reese?" so she can put both of her hands in the air and show us. :)

Nov. 13th - Jen finally taught her to clap. She claps when you tell her to or when you say, "Let's Patty Cake."

At 8 Months she liked to:

At this age, Reese liked to:
Bang items together
Walk with help
Cruise around ottoman and couch
look at books
Ride in red car from Carla

7 & 8 Months - Crawling & 1st Tooth

7.5 months old - We went to Leah's wedding in PA, Reese was the flowegirl but didnt make it down the aisle in the wagon with Tristan. She cried a lot and was tired and scared of being put down.

At 7.5 months - she could mimick a wave, she can (sort-of) clap, high 5 and spit/blow bubbles with tongue.

Army crawl at 7 months and really crawl at 8 months.

8 Months: We went to Florida with my family - Reese's 1st beach trip (but 3rd time flying). We had very LONG travel days with layovers, then a 45 min drive to the beachj house. We missed the first flight out, since I didnt check my newest Delta email (Peggy drove us to the airport). Then, we missed a possible early connector because we were sitting in the Panama City, Panama gate, instead of the one for PC, FL. I had a bad day!!

On her 8 month bday, Reese cut her first tooth. She woke up screaming from a nap and she was with Ty and Joe in the beach house.

8 Months, 5 days: Pulled up on our coffee table for 1st time. So we lowered her mattress and soon enough she was standing in her bed!

8.5 Months: She was teething and crying all the time! She would chew on a frozen bib nonstop. Or even suck water out of a cold wet one. Her 3rd tooth (top) started showing around Oct. 3rd.

6 month Dr. Stats

Weight 18 lbs (88%)
Height 27.25 Inches (92%)
HC 16.93 (67%)
BMI 17.35

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching up - 5 and 6 months

So I've realized I don't make time to blog as much as I'd like, so I'll try to catch up and just record some of Reese's milestones, so I can always remember when she started doing things.

4 months - started opening mouth when she sees the bottle..she recognizes it and grabs and smashes it to her face.
4.5 months - started really noticing Logan and laughing at him when he licks her or runs around

5 months - starting to just do 2 naps most of the week
           - watched her first Baby Einstein shows and some Mickey Mouse clubhouse - it kept her attn for a bit
           - weighs about 16 lbs (weighed at home)

6 month stats: 18 lbs (88%), 92% in height

6 month shots - that night she slept over 14 hours! I had to wake her so she'd be on schedule for our first flight that day to PA...July 22nd. Flight went well, was alseep boarding plane, but woke up on take off and cried, so I fed her and that helped her ears. My mom and I had to entertain her for the hour+flight.

6 months, 1 week - sitting up on own for minutes (right after Leah's shower in PA)

6 months, 3 weeks - starting to crawl..she rolls and lunges forward but gets to what is in front of her, especially if it's her bottle or a cell phone. :) She can move a couple feet forward.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She Rolls!

So one night right after Reese turned 4 months old, I looked at our video monitor before heading to bed and there she was all swaddled in her Woombie...face down! It freaked me out, so we ran upstairs to turn her over and she rolled back again, and again and again. We had to take her out of her Woombie, since it binds her arms and couldnt let her sleep like that. She began sleeping on her belly that night and has ever since then (today is about 17 days later). It was very scary for me when she would bury her face in her bed, but now that she was able to roll, we knew we could let her do it. She only sleeps on her belly now and will not ever sleep on her back. Hopefully at some point she will.

Her bedtime used to vary between 7 and 9pm, but to keep her on a schedule, Ty has made her bedtime 8pm, which is very nice. I try to go to bed at the late hour of 10pm, so we have a couple hrs to ourselves to hang out and watch tv before I hit the sack. She was waking up about 6:30/6:45ish pretty regularly but now some mornings it's 5:30. I try to put her back to bed those days, but she's usually back up around 7am.

Now Reese rolls over and over and over on the ground and loves it. She likes being on her belly now too and can really hold her head up high. She only rolls to one side typically, so once she gets to the end of the room we have to move her back to where she started so she can do it again.

Check out this footage:

No more leaving her alone on the floor unattended!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Months!!

Here are some 4 month shots on the infamous green chair and with the pink bear, She smiled a bit and just opened her mouth wide a lot too:

And one in the bumbo..her new fav spot.

A few days after Reese turned 4 months old, Patrice, Ally and Erika (college friends/rommates) came to visit. We had a great weekend and hung out with Meg and Lucy too. The girls went out on Sat. night in the Dillon minivan to Europa (in Cov) and LBYC! Earlier that day we went to the park. Here are some pics:

At President's Park with their "Best Friends" shirts

In the "Burpberry" onesie from Ally 

Reese yawning before we went out (she was so tired at this point, but stayed up because of all the action at our house)
Then a couple minutes later she was out - sucking on her fingers of course. 

4 MONTH DR. APPT. - 6 days after Reese turned 4 months old, Ty took her to her Dr. appt. and these were her stats:

WEIGHT: 15.3 lbs (81% - woohoo!)
HEIGHT: 25" (74%)
BMI 17.19

She got a couple shots and the Dr. said she has mild torticollis (head tilt). We take her to PT tomorrow and will see what we need to do - maybe stretches or something? Hopefully it can be fixed soon. It sounds funny when I say Im taking my 4 month old to physical therapy..but at least it's not serious. Or hope not!
They also told us we can  to give her rice cereal in the next month or 2 and then can start introducing foods. Im in no rush, since bottles are easy, but Im sure it'll be fun to start her on other things in a bit too.