Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Months!!

Here are some 4 month shots on the infamous green chair and with the pink bear, She smiled a bit and just opened her mouth wide a lot too:

And one in the bumbo..her new fav spot.

A few days after Reese turned 4 months old, Patrice, Ally and Erika (college friends/rommates) came to visit. We had a great weekend and hung out with Meg and Lucy too. The girls went out on Sat. night in the Dillon minivan to Europa (in Cov) and LBYC! Earlier that day we went to the park. Here are some pics:

At President's Park with their "Best Friends" shirts

In the "Burpberry" onesie from Ally 

Reese yawning before we went out (she was so tired at this point, but stayed up because of all the action at our house)
Then a couple minutes later she was out - sucking on her fingers of course. 

4 MONTH DR. APPT. - 6 days after Reese turned 4 months old, Ty took her to her Dr. appt. and these were her stats:

WEIGHT: 15.3 lbs (81% - woohoo!)
HEIGHT: 25" (74%)
BMI 17.19

She got a couple shots and the Dr. said she has mild torticollis (head tilt). We take her to PT tomorrow and will see what we need to do - maybe stretches or something? Hopefully it can be fixed soon. It sounds funny when I say Im taking my 4 month old to physical therapy..but at least it's not serious. Or hope not!
They also told us we can  to give her rice cereal in the next month or 2 and then can start introducing foods. Im in no rush, since bottles are easy, but Im sure it'll be fun to start her on other things in a bit too.

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