Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 Months Old - Starting to Walk

We took our 3rd H-burg trip for an early Thanksgiving.

Her 9 month Dr Stats were:
Weight: 20.81 lbs (82%)
Height: 29.75" (97%)
Height Circum 17.72" (78%)
BMI 16.53

Oct 20- New top 1st tooth
Oct 25- Took 2 steps on her own!!
Oct 26th - 2nd top tooth, she now walks across the room with the piano as a walker
Oct 27th - 4th tooth popped through, now she walks with blue car convertible walker! She loves it!

She also had a lot of stranger anxiety and most times Im the only one that can settle her down.

Little over 9 months she started to sleep 11 hours at night again. There was a 5-6 week stretch were she was up once a night. Probably from teething.

When you tell her to kiss a book or herself in the mirror she can, on command.

She also knows to turn book pages and lift the flaps.

On November 7th - almost 2 weeks before she turned 10 months old - she began walking from person to person taking 10+ steps at a time!! Big feat!!!

Nov. 11 - My mom taught her "So Big" - We love to ask "How big is Reese?" so she can put both of her hands in the air and show us. :)

Nov. 13th - Jen finally taught her to clap. She claps when you tell her to or when you say, "Let's Patty Cake."

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